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Among the nuggets Modcinema has unearthed in such categories are vintage telepics like The Feminist and the Fuzz (Barbara Eden as middle America's then-idea of a Women's Libber — forever fuming at imaginary sexist offenses, requiring a he-man to settle her down), vanity biker flick J.C. (as in Jesus Christ, which is how producer-writer-director-star William F. McGaha's character humorlessly sees himself), or leeringly Italian crime caper You Can Do A Lot With Seven Women. And those are just from 1971.

Fontana also has a particular fondness for vintage Franco pop. In his collection you'll find plenty of showcases for Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, etc., plus multiple episodes of the incredible monthly 1965-70 TV program Dim Dam Dom, which made the best use of a go-go dancing ensemble this side of Shindig! while offering musical guests both native and imported (from the Bee Gees to Jimi Hendrix).

Modcinema has also packaged some unique compilations: The "Colorspace" series is a party sampler of movie trailers ("Now you'll know the thrill of wrapping your legs around a tornado of pounding pistons, like The Girl on a Motorcycle!"), fashion promos, commercials (007 Deodorant), and whatnot. Hearing Nancy Sinatra trill "Shake that cola drag/Try the one that's really mad!" for RC Cola — well, it can really blow your mind. (Dennis Harvey)

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