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Talking to video purveyor Modcinema about bringing rareties -- hippie boondoggles and all -- back to the screen

Dim Dam Dom: 'Dim' for Sunday, 'Dam' for ladies, and 'Dom' for men. Ooh la la!

Among the nuggets Modcinema has unearthed in such categories are vintage telepics like The Feminist and the Fuzz (Barbara Eden as middle America's then-idea of a Women's Libber — forever fuming at imaginary sexist offenses, requiring a he-man to settle her down), vanity biker flick J.C. (as in Jesus Christ, which is how producer-writer-director-star William F. McGaha's character humorlessly sees himself), or leeringly Italian crime caper You Can Do A Lot With Seven Women. And those are just from 1971.

Fontana also has a particular fondness for vintage Franco pop. In his collection you'll find plenty of showcases for Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, etc., plus multiple episodes of the incredible monthly 1965-70 TV program Dim Dam Dom, which made the best use of a go-go dancing ensemble this side of Shindig! while offering musical guests both native and imported (from the Bee Gees to Jimi Hendrix).

Modcinema has also packaged some unique compilations: The "Colorspace" series is a party sampler of movie trailers ("Now you'll know the thrill of wrapping your legs around a tornado of pounding pistons, like The Girl on a Motorcycle!"), fashion promos, commercials (007 Deodorant), and whatnot. Hearing Nancy Sinatra trill "Shake that cola drag/Try the one that's really mad!" for RC Cola — well, it can really blow your mind. (Dennis Harvey)

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