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FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Autumn's most intriguing theatrical events

Rosaleen Linehan and Des Keogh in Endgame coming to the Zellerbach Playhouse in November

Desdemona Responding to internationally acclaimed director Peter Sellars's 2009 staging of Othello, author Toni Morrison and African singer-songwriter Rokia Traoré, together with Sellars himself, channel a conversation between Shakespeare's unlucky heroine and her African nurse, Barbary, in this intimate and intriguing U.S. premiere. (Oct. 26–29, Zellerbach Playhouse;

Endgame and Watt Samuel Beckett is not the Gloomy Gus everybody likes to think. All right, sure, he kind of is. But he's also very funny. And I'm told tidy. He's also a genius, damn it, and when it comes to interpretations of Beckett nobody has the cred that these Irish cats do, in Gate Theatre of Dublin's rare visit to Berkeley's Zellerbach Playhouse. Starring Barry McGovern, who can't go on but will go on, in the great play Endgame, as well as his own selections from the novel Watt. (Nov. 17–20, Zellerbach Playhouse;

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