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Nightlife: Making it werque with Deniz Kurtel, Trouble and Bass, Homo Homecoming, Bootie Oktoberfest Burlesque, and more

DJ and producer Deniz Kurtel plays with a hot mess of other at Public Works on Fri/30

SUPER EGO Three of my favorite dance tracks this year were made by women: "What They Say" by Maya Jane Coles, "Yours" by Steffi, and "The L Word" by Deniz Kurtel. "Wow," you say. "Three whole women. That's practically a quorum!" I know, I know, but these were big underground hits as well — and it's aces that tracks by females are getting more large-scale traction. A female DJ is rara avis enough in the techno man's world. (I think of Cassy's recent appearance at the oft-testosteronal monthly Kontrol party — you'd think a gorgeous alien from Jupiter had landed to school the boys in radical minimal sickness.) And I'm not gonna even try to count famous female dubstep or electro producers of the moment because I need those two fingers to delicately wipe away my tears of sadness thinking about it.

Kurtel, of Turkish descent, comes from Crosstown Rebels label and was introduced by the Wolf + Lamb crew. Her super-sexy, atmospherically funky creations are smart in an understated way, roping R&B vibes and post-minimal effects into sometimes haunting, always groovy memory loops. She'll be here to DJ as part of the huge "Get Down and Get With It" party at Public Works. Last time she came through here she was excellent: go check her out if you can.

Get Down and Get With It with dOp, Deniz Kurtel, Pillow Talk, Thugfucker, Chateau Flight Fri/30, 10 p.m.-5 a.m., $20–$25. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



And lo, the storied New York City Trouble and Bass crew finally crashed down upon our fair shore in one glorious bassbin explosion of boom, melding cutting edge future bass sounds with electro energy, breakbeat respect, and punk rock attitude. Former Guardian nightlife columnist Star Eyes, a.k.a. Vivian Host, shreds it with Deathface, Samo Soundboy, the Captain, and more.

Thu/28, 9 p.m., $15–$20. Mezzanine, 444 Jessie, SF.



Gay porn stars making music — don't gag yet, there is actually a long and illustrious(?) history here, from Jeff Stryker's jaw-dropping 1986 "Bigger Than Life" (followed up finally in 2003 by, er, "Pop You in the Pooper") to Zeb Atlas's titillatingly awkward "Love Hangover" from earlier this year. But none of them have rapped! (That I know of.) Welcome, then, the young Chris Porter — a.k.a. Double Dose — as he debuts onstage in clothes at Rebel, slinging some verses to surely a partially bewildered, wholly stimulated crowd. I'm dying. Sister Roma, Kalisto, Mahlae Balenciaga, and DJ Errol Valentino help set if off.

Thurs/29, 10 p.m. (show at 11 p.m.), $5. Rebel, 1760 Market, SF. Facebook: Chris Porter Live



A surprising number of the DJ sets I still listen to from that jazzy-deep-lounge house period of the very late 1990s are from Pennsylvanian Yost — most of that Internet Bubble-era sounds a bit tasteless now, but Yost managed to balance complex musicality with dancefloor accessibility, appealing to both VIP vultures and those who valued sweat over status. His "One Starry Night" album might be the only introduction you need to the best sounds of those times; this party should be a good ol' get-down.

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