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Pop-up store Scanners celebrates the thrill of used-book salvage

Put down your wireless reading device: old-school bounty at Scanners.

Being temporary, as Hoff notes, makes the bookstore "into an event itself." Nonetheless, there will be events within the event, beginning with a conversation on bookselling between William Stout, owner of William Stout Architectural Books, and Paul Yamazaki, bookbuyer for City Lights. Upcoming events — listed on the store's website — focus on archiving in the digital age, the neuroscience of reading, and artists' use of found source material, reflecting Hoff and Borruso's diverse interests in printed matter.

"Our idea is to highlight things people will respond to a physical level," Borruso concludes. "To base a store on things you wouldn't be able to appreciate in digital format. Some of these things you might see and think, 'I want that,' but you would never know that seeing it even in jpeg form. You need to see it as an object, as a thing." 2


William Stout in conversation with Paul Yamazaki

Wed/5, 6:30 p.m., free

312 Valencia, SF

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