Hot ocupados

OccupySF -- can we make it more of a bangin' party? Plus: LTJ Bukem, Afrofunk Music Festival, Frite Nite, Rebel Rave, and more

Lil Miss Hot Mess downtown at the recent "Occupy SF: Art and Performance Series"

SUPER EGO Ladies, gentleman, laaadies, and ultraviolet unicorns of the San Francisco scene: we can do better than Michael Franti as a soundtrack for OccupySF. For goddess's sake, please! Enough with the bongos, already. We've got like five Funktion One soundsystems in this city — someone hook the mother up and blast a little Masters at Work for 99-percent motivation.

Also, the general look could use an Ocupado 2.0 upgrade. As SF techno stalwart Alland Byallo recently Tweeted from among the protests in his new home, Berlin: sales of those Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta masks are probably the only thing currently saving the global economy. "Are you an anarchist or a dubstep DJ?" "Both, of course."

Luckily, we've seen some stylish major players contributing music, art, performances, mixes, and glamour to buoy the movement — players like Kush Arora, Tee Cardaci, Romanowski, Classical Revolution, Lil Miss Hot Mess, Misisipi Mike, Hiya Swanhuyser, W. Kamau Bell, Heklina, Green Apple Books, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the colorful queens of QUEEN (Queers for Economic Equality Now). Hey, we San Franciscans may not have Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, or Boots Riley like the fancy-pantses of Oakland and NYC, but we've got razzle-dazzle by the boatload. And our worldwide network of traveling DJs has lit up Facebook feeds with indignados news from around the world. (Now can we bring some of that fab class warfare to the club scene? Occupy Ruby Skye!)

I'm compiling a page of videos, art, and music by local Occupy supporters at — check out the page to submit what you've got. And hey, party promoters, where ya at? Let's keep this thing rolling.



Club Six has been hosting a series of showdowns between future dubstep superstar producers, and even though dubstep is going through the same mainstreaming and stereotyping process that techno and house went through in the 1990s (albeit without the attendant homophobia and latent racism that characterized that whole mess), there's still some fascinating music being made in the genre, if only people would seek it out. Come here and get you some, then.

Fri/21, 10 p.m.-3 a.m., $5/$10. Club Six, 60 Sixth St., SF.



One of my favorite DJs of all time, the intelligent drum and bass master who ruled the end of the last millennium can cast an atmospheric spell over any venue. At Mighty, which still wins my vote for best sound in the city, the UK's LTJ will surely turn it out. Oddly, he's not appearing with his beloved hype man and collaborator MC Conrad. This time, longtime Bay Area favorite Lateef of Latryx takes the mic, infusing LTJ's vast breakscapes with a little local cold lampin'. Yes, please. With Kuze, Retox, Senator, BADNB feat. Jamal, Canadub, Lukeino, and Aye-n.

Fri/21, 10 p.m.-4 a.m., $20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF.



Another sultry techno-funk and steamy house lineup from this continuing series of touring parties by the Crosstown Rebels label. Not an actual "rave" in the neon Big Bird sense, but your pupils will dilate all the same. LA trio Droog has me hot and bothered with their kinky house deconstruction tricks and referential sample mindfucks. Toronto duo Art Department give me a sad when they occasionally sing, but their track selection is impeccable and I've been a fan of members Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow's seamless mixing since their Red Circle Radio Days in 2006. Headliner heartthrob Damien Lazarus also sings, but seems less forced. Local groover Dead Seal opens.

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