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HALLOWEEN 2011: Chasing local spirits with The Ghost Detectives' Guide to San Francisco

Parapsychologist (and chocolatier!) Loyd Auerbach and psychic Annette Martin are the Ghost Detectives

LOYD I indicated we should move back to the main room, it had large windows looking out toward the bay. In front of the windows was a platform. Annette moved to the platform and windows.

ANNETTE What I felt was a lot of energy, right around here.

LOYD Right here?

I set down the TriField Meter as well as a natural EMF meter, which measures non-tech sources of magnetic and EM fields. The latter has a sound indicator to alert the user when the readings change.

ANNETTE I am going to turn on my tape recorder and see if we can pick up any voices.

Something is registering with me. ... She stands at the window, waiting for him. Ah, she's asking me why he hasn't come.

[Annette took a few deep breaths and began to channel.]

My name is Annette and this is Loyd. There is nothing to be afraid of. Can you show me something? ...

[Annette: She was certainly curious. I was getting her questions intuitively.]

ANNA MARIE Yes, I am from San Francisco. I went to school here, Notre Dame de Victoria and St. Gabriel's and Mercy High School... Did I like the nuns? Some of them. You spend time in the chapel [at the Presidio]. You feel good there. You want to run and play with the children, but sometimes they get frightened.

LOYD What is your name?

ANNA MARIE Anna Marie.

LOYD What is your last name?

ANNA MARIA Guiterrez.

LOYD Where were you born?

ANNA MARIE Not in this country. I came as a child. Travelled a long ways...

LOYD How did you travel? By what means of transportation?

ANNA MARIE Mother said by boat. Mother was beautiful. I came back to find her, but she is not here ....

LOYD Do you remember when you came back here?

ANNA MARIE People, many parties ... noise ... people ... men ... no ladies. I used to swing on a tree.

LOYD A tree here? [Annette nods.] Were you married?

ANNETTE She's turned away from me now, she says others come here but not her love, not her man. "Ships, many ships."

LOYD Annette, can you tell what she is wearing?

ANNETTE Yes, she is wearing this long white dress, with something tied in the center. She has very long hair but there is something tied around her head. Like a white scarf... She looks, she could be 20. She keeps changing, sometimes she looks older.... This is where she is waiting for him.

LOYD The man she loves?

ANNETTE She says she calls him Pugsy, but that wasn't his real name....She doesn't want to talk anymore. Anna Marie, can you tell me his real name? "It's too painful," she says. It's alright, it's alright, we will call him Pugsy.

This is the place where they would meet. There was a big tree, a great big tree with branches that go way up. He put a rope around the branch so that she could swing and they would laugh.

She doesn't understand why all these people were here. She says that if she stays here, maybe he will find her. She can't find him...

LOYD What year does she remember being here?

ANNETTE She thinks it's 1776.... This is 1996, Anna Marie. We come with love and we don't want you to be sad and you can leave if you want. [Annette takes in two deep breaths.] OK, she ran away. Wow!

LOYD So she's basically stuck here?

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