Lime Rickeys and sourdough sundaes - Page 2

Sweet -- and surprising -- explorations at Citizen Cake Ice Cream Parlor, Pisco Latin Lounge, and Jasper's Corner Tap

Citizen Cake's sourdough sundae -- you may just need another bowl


Dessert at Jasper's Corner Tap is as much a highlight as the heartwarming, gourmet pub fare and impeccable cocktails. A cinnamon pretzel donut and a shot of Maker's Mark and espresso with cream ($8) is filling after burgers and Shepherd's Pie, but you'll find room. The donut is made from house pretzel dough, but it is still somehow light and soft. A shot of bourbon, espresso, and cream is served affogato-style, an ideal finish. Ultimate kudos go to two house ice creams: fresh mint and Maker's Mark bourbon ($4 a scoop). The bourbon is creamy and boozy, while fresh mint is bright. Together, it's a Mint Julep in ice cream form. Genius.

401 Taylor Street at O'Farrell, (415) 775-7979,

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