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Local witch house label Tundra Dubs embraces the hexed sound of now. Plus: Paco Osuna, Braza! with DJ Nu-Mark, Eagle in Exile, and more parties

Tundra Dubs act ∆AIMON get witchy

"Regardless of outward appearances, this is such a positive scene — these kids are making this music out of a strange compulsion, familiar to everyone who makes art. They have to do it. And they're finding others like them online. So it's actually kind of a happy community, unselfconscious with surprisingly little attitude."

So, as the owner of a label that puts out music engendered by Internet shares, how does Tundra Dubs conjure up any income? "Well," Tundra laughs with resignation, "this is the thing everybody's trying to figure out. Live shows are always key; the challenge is how to make a live electronic show look like more than some guy checking his email on stage for an hour. I think we've kept it interesting. And we've gone the exclusive artifact route — releasing cassettes and limited edition singles. In the future, though, we're just sticking to digital and vinyl. People want digital for their headphones and vinyl at home.

"But we're a very young label dealing with a very young scene. So at least we didn't start with this huge business model that's suddenly eroding. We're in a position to try whatever works." Maybe a little witchcraft?

Xanopticon, Earn, Mirror to Mirror, and Ben Tundra Sat/5, 9 p.m.-4 a.m., $6. SUB/Mission, 2183 Mission, SF. www.sf-submission.com



Thrilling global hip-hop DJ Nu-Mark will drop an exclusively Brazilian set at this lovely monthly Rio-licious theme party. Plus one of my favorites, DJ Soulsalaam, returns from Sao Paulo to join him. Should be a night of feather-poppin' tunes.

Fri/4, 10 p.m.-late, $5–<\d>$10. SOM, 2925 16th St., SF. www.som-bar.com



One of the Spanish poster boys for the deep and groovy, totally non-icky kind of Ibiza techno, the M-nus and Mindshake label rep beats up Beatbox.

Fri/4, 10 p.m.-4 a.m. $10 advance. BeatBox, 314 11th St., SF. www.beatboxsf.com



For the past few years, Scott Pasfield has been traveling the country, photographing gay men — many in places like Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Alaska — and letting them tell their stories for his Gay in America book. He'll be showing a photo slideshow at the Castro's Magnet health center, whose openings always draw a lavender who's who, followed by drinks and reception at Under One Roof (www.underoneroof.org).

Sat/5, 7p.m., free. Magnet, 4122 18th St., SF. www.magnetsf.org



SF's monthly tribute to the legendary 1980s, early '90s Hacienda club in Manchester — acid house, Factory records, Madchester baggy and all — celebrates its one-year anniversary with a performance from local electronic excitement C.L.A.W.S.

Sat/5, 9 p.m.-late, $3 (free before 11 p.m.). Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin, SF. www.decosf.com



The classic gay leather biker bar won't let a puny eviction cut its foam. Its awesomely charitable rock 'n roll Sunday beer bust is now monthly on El Rio's patio, this time around with performers the Patsychords and Carletta Sue Kay (plus plenty of cigar smoke).

Sun/6 3 p.m.-8 p.m., free ($10 for beer bust). El Rio, 3158 Mission, SF. www.elriosf.com

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