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Cass McCombs, The Musical Art Quintet, Ayshay, Atlas Sound, Wax Idols — what we're listening to right now.



(HOZAC RECORDS) It's unnerving when you realize you've been subconsciously waiting for something. Wax Idols' No Future, is the record that filled an unknown void in my music collection, the slim crack between 1980s sleaze and modern post-punk. On the album, the Bay Area trio offers a sweet taste of the past without dipping its dirty fingernails too deeply into the punk classics pie. While songs like "Hotel Room" have the paranoid drums of the Germs, and snarling female vocals of Lydia Lunch, tracks such as "Nothing At All" lean more toward a shoegazy, garage-y Pretenders. The disaffected mood throughout is set by titles like "Uneasy," and "Bad Future," and yet, No Future sounds to me like the future of punk. (Emily Savage)