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Africa Hitech channels the intoxicating bass of the Jamaican sound system

Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard, encased in the blinding, spiritual prism of good music

For Spacek and Pritchard, sonic oscillations between the cosmic and street, inner and outer, traces of the past and hyper-tech future, collapse in the simple and pure feeling of the intoxicating bass line. "We're not trying to make music that's deep and meaningful. We're trying to make music that feels good ... the kind of feeling that you can't escape, and you don't want to, you get lost in it," says Spacek, the words now rushing out. "The bass becomes so immense that it's literally rattling your ribcage. Some call it spiritual. It resonates. It makes sense, intuitively. But there's some kind of emotion in there that we don't quite understand. To some degree, we don't want to understand it, maybe we can't. We just want to feel it."


With Jonwayne, Kush Arora, DJ Dials

Thurs/1, 10 p.m.

Public Works

161 Erie, SF (415) 932-0955

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