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Madison Young's new porn site puts the female gaze first and foremost

Overturning porn conventions, the POV way

Young has known Holloway for years — Holloway has hosted many of Femina Potens' "Other View" panel discussions on BDSM, consent, and the anti-rape movement — and over the past two has watched her develop a distinctive voice when it comes to directing porn. "I wanted Woman's POV to be a place where she could explore that voice," she says. "It's super empowering for [the webmistresses and actors] because they're able to find out what they think is hot. Women aren't usually put in that position to be able to find what turns them on. People are like 'oh my god that's hot. Oh my god that's me!'"

That kind of discovery, Holloway says, isn't just sexy — it strikes back at the disempowering way that society treats sex workers. She mentions that she sees the site as an important step in the sex workers' rights movement. When asked to elaborate, she says that the movement's about "the ability to support yourself safely and creatively." In other words, it's not enough to have a safe working environment for adult film actors — although that's important too. It's important that sex workers have the opportunity to portray the kind of intimacy that turns them on. What better way to do that than hand them the camera? 


Fri/2 8 p.m.-2 a.m., $20 free membership required

Mission Control

Private location, see website for details 


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