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BOOKS ISSUE: Zine culture survives and thrives, beyond the Web

What's a "blog"? The zine fiend scene is stronger than ever

"I don't believe the zine/blog dichotomy is antithetical. Blogs are cool. But...there's something sexy about zines, something private and personal, which a blog will never have," he says, adding, "One of the main contributors to Rad Dad found a copy of it on BART. He read it and then became a key contributor. You will never find a blog in a park or shake hands and exchange blogs at a punk show."

This weekend, Moriz is hosting one of a few local zine fairs — the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair (the unaffiliated San Francisco version was back in fall, and the Rock Paper Scissor collective's East Bay Zine Fest was a few weeks back). The fair will include 39 full tables and 16 half table vendors, and this year — it's the event's second time around — Rad Dad's teenage daughter, Zora Moniz, will be tabling a zine.


Sat/10, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., free

Berkeley City College

2050 Center, Berk.

Facebook: East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair

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