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Occupy acts against foreclosure and college cuts; OccupySF holds its ground; and writers discuss the movement's future

Despite tense talks with Mayor Ed Lee, OccupySF isn't moving


Occupy Oakland organizers have been engaged in planning yet another shutdown of the Port of Oakland on Dec. 12, which will coincide with attempts to shut down West Coast ports in San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Longview, Tacoma, and Anchorage. "On December 12, the Occupy movements in different cities will ... effectively shutdown the hubs of commerce, in the same fashion that Occupy Oakland shut down the Port of Oakland on November 2nd, the day of our general strike," according to a Call to Action on "The message to you from Occupy Oakland in the face of police raids and continued disruptions of workers lives by the 1 percent is the following: The Occupy movement will strike back and rise again! We will blockade all of the West Coast Ports on December 12th in solidarity with longshoremen, port workers and truckers in their struggle against the 1 percent!" Steven T. Jones contributed to this report.

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