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YEAR IN MUSIC 2011: Your chances at heaven after this year's hip-pop and R&B obsessions

None of them humans.


How do we hate Let us count the ways. One, his group the Black Eyed Peas are the textbook example of sell-out. Nothing makes it past this group that will not sell Pepsis or $2 toasters at Target. Two, he told Elle Magazine that women who keep condoms around are "tacky." Three, his participation in the Ed Lee "2 Legit 2 Quit" video (a production that seemed specifically engineered to enrage me). But then, this song, in which this hurricane of a man is surrounded by the beloved scamps of Sesame Street. It makes us want to high step. But is it right?

Guilty?: For above three reasons, all projects must be considered tainted — but positive behavior by him must be encouraged. Guilty, but harm to self is mitigated if you listen to this song while buying Trojan Her Pleasures.



A time-honored tradition contained within the "songs for women" canon of male hip-hop and R&B stars is the sweet hook versus the totally busted approach to the female sex in the lyrics. Pretty much the entirety of this year's Take Care album qualifies for inclusion in this time-honored rite — although the way the singer-rapper calls an ex-flame out of his "old phone" in the track "Marvin's Room" says as much about him as it does the girls that he's calling. "Make Me Proud" is a big brother approach to the same hot chick he's demeaning in every other song on the album. She's good-looking, smart, she reserves sex because she's sick of guys hitting on her. Ugh. Too bad Nikki Minaj has a verse on here rapping about being a Sagittarius and it's now on my Spotify "starred" list.

Guilty?: Are you kidding? Lock yourself up.

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