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Report says CPMC is extracting huge profits from San Francisco but doing little charity care
CPMC is seeking to build a huge new hospital on Cathedral Hill

"CPMC-St. Luke's is not only the most profitable hospital in San Francisco, but it is also the most profitable hospital in the Sutter Health statewide network. Out of twenty-one hospital groups within the Sutter Health network, CPMC/St.Luke's brought in nearly one quarter of Sutter Health's average net income over the last five years," the report reads.

But McCormack says Sutter reinvests its profits back into the system.

"It goes back into the system itself," he said. "It goes back into the hospital, into salaries, building new facilities, repairing old ones." Yet the activists are unconvinced. Even before this report on charity care, they were critical of a CPMC project that includes housing on Van Ness with low rates of affordability, and which they say doesn't rebuild St. Luke's large enough to meet the community's needs. It is also agreeing to operate St. Luke's for only 20 years. "I like to call it a stay of execution," said Jane Sandoval, who's been a nurse at St. Luke's for 26 years. "When CPMC took over with their master plan, it was an enigma to me how they concluded what the community needed. I know what the community needs, and I wonder who they asked."