Last-minute gift guide

You don't have to slide down that chimney empty handed!

Z. Cioccolato is open til miidnight on Christmas Eve

HOLIDAY GUIDE Look at it this way: you're not a procrastinator, you've just been resisting the pull of the holiday commercial machine.. until you're on the way to spin the dreidel — or it's dusk, Saturday, and the thought of tomorrow's Christmas festivities with your clan is giving you sweaty palms. Will your lack of giftage imply a cold heart? If you lose your anti-consumerist stubborn, last minute shopping that a. supports your local businesses and b. won't make you look like you left it all for the last minute is available to you. Here's our list, complete with the final hour the shop is open on Christmas Eve (which doesn't mean these stores won't serve just as well for Chanukers, Kwanzelles, and Festiv-ites).


Every once in awhile you come across a future giftee like a brick wall. Maybe you don't know the person all that well (boyfriend's as-yet un-met mom), you're having issues getting them something they don't have already (your too-cool tech-glich neighbor). May we suggest candy? This North Beach sweet spot is open really late on Saturday and stocks the finest in fudge, caramel popcorn, and retro throwbacks. Abba Zabba? Indeed.

Open until midnight, 474 Columbus, SF. (415) 395-9116,


A store full of knick-knacks is a great bet for finding unique gifts for your loved ones. From loose typewriter keys and scrabble pieces to jewelry by local artists and vintage purses, this Potrero Hill shop is a super stop when you've got a femme artistic type in mind. Have a friend who is decorating their new apartment? Sis just had a baby? Collage Gallery is known for having the most eclectic collections of vintage wall letters, numbers, and clocks. So tick-tock, get over there.

Open until 5 p.m., 1345 18th St., SF. (415) 282-4401,


This music store is godsend on Christmas Eve. With a large selection of new and used CDs, 45s, concert posters, and out-of-print albums, you already know Amoeba Music is a music lover's dream. You can buy gifts for the whole family: a Grateful Dead album for Dad, Common's just-released The Dreamer, the Believer for your brother and something vinyl for your "we've only been dating a few months, what the hell do I buy them?" partner. Treat yourself to the new Snoop Dogg-Wiz Khalifa collab album when your list is all checked off.

Open until 7:30 p.m., 2455 Telegraph, Berk. (510) 549-1125,


The place to last-minute shop for mom is clearly GG's, although you can probably find gifts for just about anyone in this West Portal shop. GG's is a specialty store with a product selection that traverses from the creative to the elegant to the witty. Selling jewelry, candles, lotions, perfumes, and soaps, pretty little things will catch your eye, almost guaranteed. And GG's does do giftwrap — a Christmas lifesaver.

Open until 6 p.m., 11 West Portal, SF. (415) 731-1108


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