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"I'm elated. This is the best political news I've heard this year. I've known Christina for 15 years and I think she'll be a fantastic supervisor," Tom Radulovich, director of Livable City, told us. He also praised Lee for the gesture, saying, "He said he wants to work with everyone and this is a signal that he really means it."

Sup. David Campos said Olague has good values and a wealth of experience in land use issue. "She brings a lot to the table and I can see why he chose her," he told us.

Even Sup. Scott Wiener, a moderate, praised the Lee's pick. "I think it's an excellent choice. She's thoughtful and independent," he said. "I don't always agree with her, but I respect her and I've always enjoyed working with her."

Gonzalez told us he wonders whether the appointment would clear the field of progressive candidates, a long list of whom have expressed interest in running this year. The answer: probably not. Community College Board member John Rizzo contacted the Guardian shortly after the appointment to say, "I'm still in the race and planning to mount a vigorous campaign."

So much for the 100 percent.