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WINTER LOOKS: Where to shop for two-wheeled winter fashion

A fethcing look from Outlier

This label from Brooklyn makes subdued designs functional enough that "they" won't blink an eye if you have to follow that polished dismount with a day at work, and then with a night tramping around town. I'm a particular fan of the women's daily riding pant, made of doubleweave twill. The fabric is smooth enough to shred the city streets, and comes in fetching blues and gray that'll last you through spring.


But perhaps none of these items are quite what you are looking for. Sweets, if that's the case — and if you're the type to buy signature pieces that last you for years, cuz these pricetags are no joke — you should go to Oakland's Nan Eastep. Her B.Spoke Tailor line births custom-made biking raincoats with extra-long sleeves that don't make coat-backs pull across shoulderblades. Or try her capes. Why not, you now qualify as a fashion superhero.

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