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WINTER LOOKS: Seven new menswear shops will spruce your presentation 

"Throwback goods" joint New Jack City will kit you out


There's a really interesting thing going on in men's activewear right now. It's all about obsessive technology when it comes to insulating layers — call it Extreme North Face — and several companies are making exquisitely structured, extremely durable thermal wear that doubles as attractive street fashion. Aether, from Los Angeles, and New Zealand's rad Icebreaker (which just opened a location, or "Touchlab," in Union Square) are touchstones, but our very own Triple Aught Design, with Hayes Valley and Dogpatch outposts, really shines, with futuristic-feeling apparel and gear. (I especially desire the strappy, Sand People-esque backpacks.)

551 Hayes, SF; 66 22nd St., SF. (415) 318-8252,



Bringing together Mollusk surf shop, Revolver clothing, Spartan accessories and goods, and Michael Rosenthal Art Gallery, Voyager's a visually stunning geodesic-like, refurbished wood cabin concept gallery-store collab in the Mission. (It reminds me of something from "Hello Meth Lab in the Sun.") The menswear side of things focuses on the sporty and outdoorsy with a contemporary prep twist — what you'd expect from the fine Revolver, slightly bro'd up for the Mollusk crowd. Pretty damn cool.

365 Valencia, SF. (415) 800-3527,

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