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Where KUSF stands now, exactly 12 months after the shutdown

The protests for KUSF continue to this day.

"As far as I know, students are not getting an equivalent educational experience. The new digital studio has not been set up," Professor Kidd concurred. She called any lab offers "rhetoric" on the school's part, and that the money has been held up, while USF spends on legal fees. According to Friends of KUSF lawyers, CPRN and USF are using FCC lawyers in Washington for their joint response to legal action.

With costly litigation involved in the pending decision, there are claims that CPRN and USF didn't comply with FCC law and that KUSF's studios were dismantled prematurely in May. Additionally, questions have been raised about the operating agreement between the potential buyer and seller and the legality of their fundraising practices.

When the FCC asked for copies of emails from the University's President regarding the sale, they were told Father Privett deletes his emails. "The IT department keeps backup copies. Their claim that they're gone is ridiculous," Franck said.

Father Privett could not be reached for comment as he was in Africa on business, but according to USF's media relations department, they, along with CPRN, maintain commitment to the transaction and await FCC action, hoping the matter is resolved in the near future.

The legalese may leave you asking, where have all the DJs gone? "One of the issues moving forward is going beyond a grass-roots effort," said Friends of KUSF treasurer Damin Esper. They did reach the milestone of fundraising $50,000 by November, mostly by holding benefits, like their upcoming DJ night at Bender's.

Last spring KUSF- in- Exile emerged as a web stream coming out of the Bayview District's Light Rail Studios with assistance from WFMU. With roughly 80 volunteers, and a music library being re-built from scratch, they remain committed to the cause, protesting in front of Entercom and playing local music, cultural and independent programming in a nonprofit, commercial-free format, all in the name of community.

Andre Torrez is a longtime volunteer and DJ with KUSF and now KUSF-in-Exile.



Fri/20, 9 p.m., $5–$10 donation

Bender's Bar and Grill

806 S. Van Ness, SF

(415) 824-1800


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