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Carlton Melton — ex-Zen Guerrilla — creates psychedelic noise in a geodesic structure


That first night up north was magic. They realized they needed name. Duvall, with all his genial charm recalls the conversation then whispers "Carlton Melton." Melton was a cool guy he knew from junior high in Delaware, a real bad-ass. Strangely, Millman, who went to another school, also knew Melton in Delaware — they'd played one another in football. Years later, Duvall and Melton happen to meet another dude named Carlton Melton, and that last bit of coincidence seems to have sealed the name's fate. "It's bizarre but it really fits the band. I just hope the guy from Delaware's not offended, because we named the band after him for all the right reasons."


With Feral Ohms, and Glitter Wizard

Sat/28, 9 p.m., $8

El Rio

3158 Mission, SF

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