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Build your own bamboo steed in this new Tenderloin shop

One of Bamboo Bike Studio's light, yet sturdy, creation

"If just owning a bamboo bike was the end goal, we'd just build them for you," Aguinaldo told me. "For us, it's about empowering more people and providing people with the value of creating your own thing. The bike isn't the end goal. It's about building it, riding it, learning from it — seeing how it affects everything else in life." *

Bamboo Bike Studio 982 Post, SF.



A fully made bamboo bike can cost around $2000 to buy off an indie seller, but having the chance to build your own for less than $500 seems like a good deal. Building my own bike would definitely make me treasure it more, and it being bamboo means I have to take care of it more carefully. I wonder if they would teach me how to paint it and add other accessories to it like fenders.

Posted by Louis on Apr. 08, 2012 @ 11:24 pm

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