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Kevin Epps updates his seminal 2001 documentary hit with Straight Outta Hunters Point 2


Going back to that earlier point about Epps' unique access to the neighborhood: while he admits that not every person he approached was eager to be filmed ("When you go into these communities that have other activities going on, where people have other ways of survival because there are no jobs, you're gonna always get opposition to cameras"), he does understand that in many ways, he has the exclusive on this particular story.

"Do people know me, and does that carry weight, because of the first film? Yes. It does help me get access to some things that a lot of people have had their cameras taken from them trying to do," he says. "There were some German filmmakers out here for three years trying to shoot a film. They had funding and everything. They could talk and kick it on the block, but once they took out the cameras — they shut 'em down."


Kevin Epps in person at Fri/24-Sat/25 evening shows

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