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LA: Well, I don't know that I have because it's difficult to move from one thing to another. You can try, but here come the art police saying, 'Stop doing that! Why are you painting? You're a filmmaker! Where's your sense of propriety?' You'd think when you live the life of an artist, you live the life of freedom, but it's not quite like that.

SFBG: So, what projects do you have in the works?

LA: I'm working on a book of stories, an exhibition of paintings, a new show — a bunch of different things. It's fun to work on them all at once.

SFBG: And you recently performed a show in Taiwan? How was that?

LA: I can't say I speak Mandarin at all, but I found it really exciting to work with a translator. You know, English is such a complicated language that you can write one thing and it means five things, so when it's translated into another language, particularly Mandarin, you have to choose which one of those things you really want to have emphasized.

Spending this last week in Taiwan, I realized how completely different their culture is from ours. But, if you can make a joke in Mandarin and people laugh, then it is sort of one world, you know?<0x00A0><cs:5>2<cs:>


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