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Programmers from LA, Austin, and (duh) SF bring cult madness to the Roxie

The titular tot in Dirkie (1970) survives a plane crash, but at what cost?

It's followed by Street Trash, to date the only feature film directed by J. Michael Munro (still a busy cameraman), who incredibly was just 20 when he made it. This last word in low-budget Escape From New York-Road Warrior knockoffs finds a depressed city's ginormous Skid Row population winnowed by (among other things) cheap Mad Dog-type wine with a flesh-melting-acid bouquet. Incredibly crass (typical banter: "You fuckworm!"), gross (see: severed-penis-as-Frisbee set piece) and energetic, it's the guiltiest, most pleasurable of guilty pleasures.

The Roxie wrestles its own back Sunday, March 25 with three big attractions. First up is George Kuchar: Comedy of the Underground, an ultra-rare 1982 documentary about San Francisco's beloved, recently deceased DIY auteur that was unavailable for preview. Then there's Robert Altman's 1984 Secret Honor, with Philip Baker Hall as the craziest faux Richard Nixon on record.

That is nothing, however, compared to the brain-warping experience that is Elvis Found Alive. An alleged two-hour-plus interview with the King himself (shot in silhouette), whom filmmaker Joel Gilbert located with stunning ease thanks to poorly-redacted paperwork obtained via Freedom of Information Act, this ... documentary? re-enactment? mock-doc fantasia? ... bares many a shocking revelation.

To wit: secret FBI agent Presley faked his own death because the Weathermen, Black Panthers, and Mafia had joined forces to assassinate him. Believe me, that is just the tip of the ice cube in this video cocktail. It all makes more sense if you know Gilbert is himself a professional impersonator of Bob Dylan (whom Elvis confides "dumped that awful Joan Baez when she tried to push him into leftist politics") and has also made such direct-to-your fallout-shelter opuses as Paul Is Really Dead and Atomic Jihad. Does "Elvis" have an opinion about President Obama? Ohhh yeah, and that "socialist thug" best not mess with Memphis. America forever! *


Fri/23-Sun/25, $6.50-$10

Roxie Theater

3117 16th St., SF

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