Sorting through scandal - Page 4

Mirkarimi's case moves from the courts to City Hall -- raising tough political and logistical questions

Ross Mirkarimi pledges to fight for his job minutes before being suspended by Mayor Ed Lee.

It's a safe bet that none of the supervisors are happy about having to vote on Mirkarimi's job, but it's particularly tough for the progressives. Anyone on the left who votes against removal will be subject to a barrage of attack ads — and since the balance of power on the board will be decided in November, when David Chiu, John Avalos, Eric Mar, David Campos, and Christina Olague, all more or less part of the progressive bloc, will all be up for re-election, the pressure on them will be immense.

That, in and of itself, ought to be reason for the sheriff to step down, some progressives say: Is preserving Mirkarimi in the Sheriff's Office worth potentially destroying the progressive majority on the board? It's a good question — and one that Lee's advisors were well aware of, too.

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