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A new anthology of female comic book artists doubles as a networking tool

Sisters are doin' it for themselves: 'Womanthology''s cover art.

The collection is formatted with a great enthusiasm for all of the project's participants. Each story is accompanied by blurbs on and often photographs of its creators, and the book's comics content is broken up into sections to highlight the five editors who handled the many submissions (e.g. Team Jessica, Team Mariah, and so on), with another partition for some especially impressive work by kids and teens. This is intended as a sort of facebook (in the older sense) of up-and-coming talent, a networking tool as much as a source of inspiration. It is also run through with pro tips from various contributors, and features appendices of tutorials, interviews with pros, and profiles of underappreciated women of the past.

With all this apparatus for professional development, Womanthology is perhaps an odd object for the regular consumer, but it offers enough to get excited about that most readers won't mind. And with IDW's announcement at WonderCon of an ongoing series, Womanthology: Space, coming in September, this lovingly assembled project may serve as a springboard for lots of promising work in a variety of genres and formats.

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