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Two local bands are touring the Bay Area on bikes, and invite you to ride along

Bike party atop the hill with Shake Your Peace and Rupa & the April Fishes

She adds, "it's not asking for permission, it's just doing what you do as a musician, which is to mobilize yourselves...bring people on your journey, have a chance to interact with them in another way, which is so different than get on the tour bus, be isolated, be backstage. We're going to create the stage, we're going to create the experience."

Both bands make the kind of music that invites interaction and discussion, so an interactive tour, flipping the tradition of a clear separation between artist and audience, seems the right direction.

Rupa & the April Fishes — now wrapping up their third studio album, Build — have long been fixtures on the global music scene, a Bossa nova bumping mix of Brazilian, Indian, Latin, and French influences, sung in three languages. While based out of San Francisco, they're often out exploring the world, most recently Chiapas, Mexico; Amsterdam; and Athens, Greece.

Shake Your Peace started out in New York as folk trio, but now "Shake Your Peace 2.0" makes a style of music that Dominguez has dubbed "whup" — a melding of Afro-Latin beats with bluegrass instruments such as fiddle, and gospel harmonies.

"W-H-U-P, it's a celebratory spirit with a philosophy, a political approach," Dominguez explains excitedly. "We're not just fighting for better wages, we're fighting for life. It's the spirit of your heart kicking. The scream when you come out of the womb. Life, yaow!"

He appears equally amped on the Bay Rising tour itself, adding again that others should join the rides with the bands — "they're welcome to experience this rolling summer camp with us." And they'll both be Tweeting their locations along the way for the day rides.

As the effusive conversation in Nervous Dog comes to a close, Dominguez and Marya are still talking about the logistics of the trip, including where they'll crash at night, and the importance of gathering tarps to cover all their gear, just in case of bad weather. 


With Rupa & the April Fishes, Shake Your Peace


Various venues, Bay Area


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