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Copperwire's Meklit Hadero waxes intergalactic about her new hip-hop space opera


MH: The idea for the star guitar came after we'd stopped recording and I'd been wanting to figure out how to do it live. Jon Jenkins from NASA's Keppler Mission made the star sounds based on their oscillations of light. You can say I want 50 percent star and 50 percent guitar, or you can say I want 30 percent star and 70 percent guitar. You can also hybridize just the highs or just the lows. I'm still experimenting. There are a bunch of different sounds, but I've chosen a few that I particularly like.

SFBG: How many different stars are you working with?

MH: Right now I'm working with two stars.

SFBG: Do you know their names?

MH: I don't and I don't know where they are, that's one thing I want to talk with Jon about. But he's also posting a whole host of new star sounds so I'll have a lot more to choose from pretty soon. *


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