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As You Like It techno party crew takes over the world. Plus: Martinez Brothers, Sunshine Jones, The Gathering, Emissions Fest, more parties

Revered house DJ Jus-Ed kicks off a seven-party, eight-week As You Like It bender

Awesomely, As You Like It makes no bones about its brainy side — the Shakespearean moniker comes via the title of a cherished, hard-driving 2000 cassette mix by esoteric Detroit DJ Claude Young. And hopefully underground techno is still a life calling and not some "edgy" packaged product, to be tossed on at the weekend like a nootropical pashmina. But if we're all now techno connoisseurs, we could do no better than Bispo's remarkable crew to lead us toward the new.


With Jus-Ed, Marcellus Pittman, Lance Desardi, Tyrel Williams, and Brian Bejarano. Fri/11, 9pm-late, $10 before 11pm, $20 after. Beatbox, 314 11th St., SF.



Woah, this fourth annual three-day campout tribute to "West Coast Bass Culture" out to be insane, with wob-wob and sophisticated rumble headliners Vaski, Starkey (love him!), Zion-I, Minnesota, and a fantastic sub-zillion more. Presented by Camp Question Mark and the awesome Irie Cartel, who've really upped the local dubstep game.

Fri/11-Sun/13, $85–$160. Angels Camp, CA.



UK disco-funk glam revivalist outfit Crazy P have ruled the past few years with a stellar live show and a lowdown sexy way with the turntables. Hot Toddy, one half of Crazy P's production team, is coming to steam up the glasses of Monarch, inaugurating new monthly Night Moves, curated by bigtime Bay players like J-Boogie and DJ Theory who want to douse veteran house and funk fans in a wave of newer sounds that just might be sweep them off their feet.

Fri/11, 9pm, $10 advance. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF.



I raved about super-cute Bronx house prodigies Chris and Steve Jr. a couple years back when they were too young to get into most of the venues they rocked. Now they've grown into a touring juggernaut, true global representatives of the classic house sound — live percussion usually included — updated for today's soundsystems, wielding sonic light-sabers (those smiles!) against our contemporary cascade of cynicism.

Fri/11, 10pm-4am, $10 advance. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF.



Pretty much the hottest magazine ever (, the down 'n dirty quarterly for trans men and fans was kickstarted by Amos Mac and Rocco Katastrophe here in SF, but has since grown into a movement based in NYC. Amos and Rocco are back in town to celebrate the release of their ninth issue with a sexy shebang: DJs Rapid Fire and GX Meow, the Freeplay Dance Crew, naughty photobooth, and of course a shit-ton of hot guys. Queer on, OP!

Fri/11, 10pm, $7. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF.



Open your ears, love. This is the third in a effervescent series that showcases some of the nifty local acts smudging the line between indie electronic and experimental music, including absolutely brilliant tropical-tinged Oakland duo Chucha Santamaria y Usted and, also from Oakland, entrancingly dubby tech-hop act Shortcircles.


Thank you Marke! Roll through on Sunday if you can.

Posted by DJ Sep on May. 10, 2012 @ 9:39 am

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