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Fifty local musicians expand the tracks off 'Paranoid' in a one-off performance


Paranoid will be his third UnderCover event, and this time he signed on as guest music director — hell, he's even the one who chose the album, after spending a year mostly listening to only Black Sabbath. For his epic, 16-minute cover, he augmented one of his regular bands Sabbaticus Rex (the other being Edmund Welles), to include the aforementioned shakuhachi flute trio, and gongs. He slowed down the tempo, adding to the doom of the song about nuclear destruction and drug escapism, and had Gene Jun of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum predecessor Idiot Flesh sing in a higher range and build to a thrashing guitar solo. At Faultline, Jun sits behind Yosh!, forever tinkering with an electric, wailing guitar line.

As guest music director, Boots was also in the studio for most of the other recordings; he played clarinet on psychedelic "Planet Caravan" and did the arrangement for Extra Action Marching Band's "War Pigs" on brass. That song, the rather monumental single that opens the album and hence, the show, has some added bells and whistles. In recording, it was one of the most difficult to capture. "Lots of player and lots of layers," says Yosh!, "after the first full day of recording I wasn't sure it was going to work. Then suddenly...it held together and sounded like the group I knew from their shows. It was sort of like the difference between two people clapping and a full room of applause."

It includes drums, bells, trumpets, trombones, tuba, vocals, and bull horn, along with marching cymbals for "that iconic hi hat pattern." The modified bull horn comes into play when Mateo uses it to read transcripts of the Collateral Murder Wikileaks video. Coincidentally, Bradley Manning got a hearing the week they finished the song. "For me, it really made the whole project hit home," Yosh! says. "These songs were written 30 years ago and are still relevant today." 


Sat/19, 9pm, $20


628 Divisadero, SF

(415) 771-1421



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