Our 2012 Small Business Awards - Page 6

Honoring the local, independent entrepeneurs who make the city a better place to live, work, and play

Kelly Malone of Workshop and Indie Mart, our 2012 Woman in Business

"Rooftop"? Yep, farm:table harvests most of its herbs and many greens from its roof, adding a bit of green to the neighborhood. Coming soon, another bit of green in the form of a farm:table parklet, whose funding was secured via, what else, Kickstarter. Farm:table itself has become a community hub for nightlife characters, nonprofit advocates, and office workers.

And yes, there is delicious coffee. Amitin cut his teeth dripping cups of Blue Bottle behind the original's counter, but became disillusioned when Blue Bottle tipped from a friendly experiment into a chain-aspirational juggernaut. "I saw what I didn't want to do," he says. "That's what led me to something small and personal. I have really good people working for me, in a vibrant area, with a crowd that's open to new flavors. I want to keep that magic." (Marke B.)



It's been open less than a year, yet Marina luxury erotic goods boutique Pink Bunny (1772 Union, SF. 415-441-7399, www.pinkbunny.biz) has hopped into our readers' hearts — and possibly other parts as well. Founder and CEO Serene Martinez showcases quality adult toys from the likes of Jimmyjane and gorgeous lingerie in a lovely, well-curated space. Union Street, get kinky!