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Wes Anderson's new film may be charming, but it's domesticated to a fault

Moonrise Kingdom's twee tweens Suzy (Kara Hayward) and Sam (Jared Gilman)

Even when Hurricane Maybelline descends on the island, there is never any sense of mortal danger, emotional or otherwise. At one point Sam gets cold-cocked by a bolt of lightning, quickly rises as his head still smokes, and announces, "I'm okay." I don't think anyone in the audience was surprised. Even the possibility of the Great Flood itself washing everything away seems a bit of a skin game.

As his characters do, Wes likes his toys. I like his toys as well. But I wonder if it might be time for him, like Sam and Suzy, to grow up a little and put away some childish things. He can feel free to hold onto the portable turntable, though — especially if he puts on some old Stones records.


MOONRISE KINGDOM opens Fri/1 in San Francisco.

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