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Sussing out the hits and misses of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo

So, "mature" means no Ewoks, right? 'Star Wars 1313' debuted at E3.

On the E3 show floor, the Tomb Raider series' reboot is emotionally engrossing and includes a more robust upgrade system than the game it most closely resembles, Uncharted. Where Uncharted is known for strong story and characters, Tomb Raider competes with a terrifying sense of helplessness and mature storytelling. Making its debut at E3, Star Wars 1313 also made a lot of promises about being first to set a "mature" game in the Star Wars universe. It'll be interesting to see if LucasArts uses that freedom as a tableau to create a truly interesting story, or if it becomes a bar to hit in terms of language and violence. Either way, 1313 features some of the most realistic motion capture I've ever seen, and lighting and animation that rivals entries in the film series. If there was a constant among the big E3 games, it was the year 2013. Publishers are tired of getting beat up each fall by Call of Duty's annual release and have relocated to next spring. Most titles demoed at E3 have been slotted for 2013's first quarter, which currently looks as stuffed with games as November usually does. It'll be interesting to see who stands their ground and who makes one last push to the barren summer months. If 2013 looks to be an exciting time to be a gamer, in 2012 it remains business as usual. 

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