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Banana Bag & Bodice launch spectacular 'Space//Space' from Brooklyn, final destination unknown

The final frontier: Space//Space blasts off in Brooklyn.

Composer and BB&B regular Dave Malloy's wonderfully vital music-sound scape brings a deep, dark, low creep under this or that moment, as the exquisitely Dada-esque space program and its thornier implications come to light in playwright Craig's inimitably arch dialogue, and Craig and Jelliffe's masterfully subtle performances. Directed with cool precision by Mallory Catlett, Space//Space features another incredible BB&B low-or-no–budget set (conceived by Craig and Jelliffe with choice video, lighting, and sound designs by Zbigniew Bzymek, Miranda k Hardy, and Brandon Wolcott, respectively). While less epic than recent shows past, this cosmic two-hander is also more romantic, thematically complex and moodily resonant in its half-haunted, half-blissful reflection on the intimate universe between one human being and another.


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