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A nationwide hunt for sexually exploited children wound up catching a few youth — and a lot more adult sex workers

"One of the officers was very adamant about telling me that he would never pay me that much for my services."

There were four men and one woman in the room, and they were all sitting there making jokes. One of the officers was very adamant about telling me that he would never pay me that much for my services.

BG: You've said they lied to you, what did they lie to you about?

M: They told me that that day they had caught an underage girl, but then I read the newspaper article about the sting about it, and they said the youngest girl that they got that day was 20. So they were trying to make it seem like they were helping all these women, helping all these girls get away from this lifestyle, when in reality they're just busting girls like me.

They looked through my phone and looked through my pictures, and questioned me about every picture in my phone. They were like, is this your pimp? They read my text messages, they listened to voice mails from my family. They don't care.

BG: The sting was for underage people being trafficked. Do you think that's a big problem? What do you think about that issue?

M: I do think that it's a problem, absolutely. But this is the very unfortunate thing about what I do for work. Whether you want to call it prostitution or you want to call it escorting. So I do think absolutely it's a problem, but it's very important for people to know that it's not the same thing, it's really, really not.

I'm probably going to get two years' probation, up to 60 days in jail and hundreds of dollars in fines. Now I'm out of work, can't get a job, and I have prostitution on my record. You know, it's just ... it doesn't help anybody.

BG: It strikes me what you were saying about the police officer saying I wouldn't pay that much. Were there other degrading things said?

M: I don't care if they're officers, I don't care what they do for a living. They're still men. And when you come in and you're a prostitute, they look you up and down. And they're thinking about that. And I had the officer asking me questions like oh, how do you clean your vibrator. Just unnecessary questions, where obviously they're getting some sort of gratification out of it.

BG: Have you ever met people who were forced into what they're doing?

M: No...I mean, we've all done things for money. You know, desperate times. Whether it's working some shit job. I mean, I look at it as a job. So in the past when I was younger yeah, you know, trying to make rent, maybe I'll do something that I wouldn't want to do as much, or not get paid as much for it. But it beats working at Taco Bell.

People sometimes think it's easy money. It's not easy money. It takes a certain person, it takes an emotionally stable and sexually stable person to do this work sustainably. It's definitely tolling. It's tolling because its therapy. It's tolling because I listen to people's problems, it's not tolling because of the sexual aspect at all.

BG: Have you gotten any help from sex workers rights organizations?

M: I did have a therapist that's sex-worker friendly offer me free sessions. I might take him up on that, but — you know, the event was traumatizing. I'm not traumatized by my work. I can tell the story and that's pretty much enough for me. I don't really need therapy for being a sex worker. I love my job. It makes me happy, its great.

BG: What do you love about it?


I want to thank you for providing a more accurate view of what is going on. Those of us who have been working in the Sex industry for most of our lives, have seen this happen every election year. Normally, we are not a priority, but then there comes that political pressure during election time. I am sure in this economy it wouldn't fly for them to advertise a prostitution sting, but a sex trafficking sting, carries more brownie points with it. And, it is an easy way to make headlines with little risk...One girl and 6 armed agents... You get the picture!

However, I am the first to say, that sex trafficking is a problem, unfortunately all of these attempts will really yield nothing. What effectively happens us consenting adults who are are tracked down go away, as we should...You get no help from us and we are the ones who see this daily. Law enforcement looses us, and to date, they have been ineffective in the war.... The girls, end up with a record, and no help and are dumped back into the system and recycled. The real pimps...well, we've all encountered those, and they are not even touched, as they would never be in that position. And the world of sex trafficking goes on unimpeded.

Ask us who've been there... those of us on the inside know, law enforcement simply playing on the outskirts of our world....

Posted by Kristen DiAngelo on Jul. 11, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

what a scam; law enforcement spending very limited time and resources on busting adults who consentually exchange money for sex. Fire them all and hire people who are able and willing to enforce the existing laws against rape, kidnapping and prosecuting priest who molest under age children!!!!!!!!

utterly disgusting!!!!!!

Posted by Guest on Jul. 21, 2012 @ 2:08 pm

Kristen DiAngelo is so right. Sex trafficking of children, immigrants or anyone is a crime that needs to be stamped out. However society helps foster it by making sex work illegal. If it were legalized and regulated them sex workers could and would help stamp it out. As it is now they can't and won't as they are persecuted and prosecuted. They are outside the law and are at risk of rape (yes it happens) , robbery, assault and murder. They have no recourse to 911 or the authorities.
If you really want to stamp out trafficking, rather than outlaw it why not legalize and regulate it?
You can get a better idea of a sex worker's life by watching a documentary on the business "American Courtesans". This is a film about escorts' lives made by an escort. The escorts talk as do their families about everything. Many are in it voluntarily and have families and pay taxes. It has been shown in many film festivals including the Women’s International Film Festival and The ECU and won awards.
’American Courtesans’ became available on-demand this Friday in over 100 million homes across the US and Canada -- including on some of the largest cable systems in the country - Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Brighthouse and iTunes (in 6 different countries - the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland), just to name a few. It is also available on DVD and BluRay on, amazon, and ebay.

Posted by Guest on Jul. 14, 2013 @ 4:26 am

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