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Danish music producer Tomas Barfod moves forward without escaping his past

Tomas Barfod relaxes somewhere, beyond the Salton Sea.

Listening to Barfod there's a sense of wanting to make something that sounds good now, but will last. "I think it's very hard to make something timeless. However my way of trying is that I tend to use analog sounds in my drums and synths, and acoustic instruments so it sounds somewhat retro, but on the other hand I use a lot of computer generated effects that are new and almost futuristic. I don't know if it makes my music timeless but I like it like that."

The lesson of the Salton Sea is that the future can't escape the past. The lesson of Blade Runner is that the future can't escape the past. Tomas Barfod is in a new home, with new collaborators, and a new label, but at the same time it's not a complete break. (Among the new voices on Salton Sea is his WhoMadeWho bandmate, Jeppe Kjellberg. When we exchanged emails Barfod was back in Europe for gigs.) While he's moving into the future, Barfod has his eyes and ears on the past.


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