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Grass Widow looked to the cosmos — and inward to San Francisco — for inspiration on its new record Internal Logic

Grass Widow takes in the local scenery.

While the hopeful cosmic pining is most prominent on the record, one track is about something else entirely, something I even hesitate to bring up, though it's indeed a part of the puzzle. "Advice" is both about the weird dynamics of the industry, and the absolutely unwarranted advice so often thrust upon women by male sound guys, guitar techs, Guitar Center employees. "On a night when a douchey sound guy is starting to ruin our mood for a show, we have that song and we just sing it, and it's like a nod to each other."

Which brings us to another unfortunate side effect — the bullshit, rape-referencing frat boy review of the new album that focused solely on gender. "It was shocking that they published that, but then again, it wasn't, because in a lot of ways I think [that publication] is an icon for the apathetic years we're in right now, shock value, this post-PC kind of thing where they're playing on the idea that people are going to read what they write and be self-conscious about giving a shit about anything."

Grass Widow, however, does give a shit about something — about making something memorable, about the band as a family, about creating an alternate universe with music.

The mostly celebratory — and celebrated — Internal Logic was released the same day the band began a summer tour in early June. "It was pretty affirming," Lew says of the tour. "We even had a couple groups of girls be like, 'we started a band because of you.' I'm dying to hear those bands." *


With American Splits, Wax Idols, the Worlds Longest Guitar Solo with Breaks

Fri/20, 9pm, $10–$12

Rickshaw Stop

155 Fell, SF

(415) 861-2011


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