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'Project: Lohan' takes a second look at LiLo and finds a portrait of the times

Sparkle, Lindsay, sparkle! D'Arcy Drollinger (center, surrounded by her posse) stars as La Lohan

Nevertheless, there's a thematic consistency to the repetition that slowly emerges as the real point of Project: Lohan's satirical spree: Even as the chameleon cast, in perennial transformation, riffles through half-concealed wardrobe racks, the increasingly lost starlet they're tracking engages in an almost pathological obsession with changing her hair color and reprising her worst exploits.

We're left wondering just whose "project" Lohan really is: her manager-mother's? The media's? The complex-inducing mass entertainment complex? Documentary theater's? Could she ever be her own project in such a whirlpool of bad taste?

Maybe in the middle of all the babble, she actually says it all herself.

"And for everyone who thinks I'm crazy? I'm not," announces Lohan to a world of greedy cameras and microphones. "I'm just trying to act."


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