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At Holy Stitch, young people get sew motivated

Customize denim, develop your brand: an intern creates in Holy Stitch's Market Street workshop

"I was trying to sew but I ended up messing up one of his machines," says Chris Vargas, who did a Holy Stitch internship through Metropolitan Arts and Technology High School this spring. "He asked what I wanted to do, and I told him music." The teenager got to work learning how to use Dash's mixing equipment, and is now releasing an LP for which he rapped and made beats.

Which is fine. "We're talking about a human brand internship," clarifies Dash, whose impassioned way of talking and motivational powers led to the nickname Pastor — the inspiration for Holy Stitch's moniker. Sounds like Holy Stitch can hang just fine at its new address, even if it's only ensured a spot for the next few months.


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