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A native son counters the myths of Chinatown in a new book


Such is the beauty of Choy's book. It retells a neighborhood's story that's too often render mythic by rumors money-hungry tour guides and ignorant outsiders. San Francisco Chinatown illuminates the untold history of the enclave, urging readers to consider its quiet alleyways and SROs housing six people just above the busy streets. The book wants you to consider the political, historical, and cultural implications of Chinatown's very existence.

Says Choy of the generations who lived in this neighborhood, "they were pioneers of the city. They did more than just open laundries."


Oct. 7, 1pm, free

California Historical Society

378 Mission, SF


Oct. 27, 11am, free

San Francisco Public Library

100 Larkin, SF

(415) 437-4844

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