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A one-percenter fumbles for his ill-gotten gains in Arbitrage

Daddy dearest? Brit Marling and Richard Gere in 'Arbitrage'

And the more surprising and frightening the answers, the more I felt I was onto something."

There's a memorable moment when Miller's daughter confronts him on his transgressions and he explains, in a moment of startling, almost lamely ineffectual self-consciousness, that he's a patriarch simply playing his part. Still, Miller doesn't believe it's the end of days for those men gathering in East Hampton screening rooms.

"There was a joke I had with the distributor, 'Will this still be relevant when it comes out?'" he muses. "Yet every week there's a new revelation of a new fraud: MF Global losing billions of dollars in customer funds in unauthorized trading. A Knight Financial computer glitch and they lose $420 million — I think that's the exact number lost in the movie — and it just happened two weeks ago. And now it's, 'Where's my morning coffee?'"

ARBITRAGE opens Fri/14 in Bay Area theaters.

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