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Donald Abrams started examining cannabis at SF General in 1992 -- and thinks the cure to Prohibition lies elsewhere

Dr. Abrams: "It's clear to me after doing this for 15 years that science is not driving the train."

Even if the general public is of the 215-supporting sort — after all, he quips, "more people [in California] voted for marijuana than Meg Whitman."


Dr. Bearman calls me the "Prime Candidate" for medicinal, Thanks anti nausea DRUGS, a.k.a.-Old School ANTI-PSYCHOTICS !!!! Instead, I am Permanently Neurologically DAMAGED from----PHENOTHIAZINES, i.e., Prochlorperazine ,Compazine , Thorazine..ect....

Well, since severely damaged and have to use Oxycodone( 180-200mg/ day),,,,AND FENTANYL (75-100mcg/hr), Valium (30-60mg/day).

Thanks to the Rich who pay over $1,000/month For "Narcotics and Benzodiazapines", Oh, and the 275.00/month for 20 mins with my Neurologists,

Posted by Guest on Sep. 16, 2012 @ 4:04 am

It is also clear to me after having the pleasure of speaking to those who have seen first hand ridiculous enforcement, phenomenal successes in health, and varying degrees of damage from the war on marijuana. Money, money, money causes common sense to be thrown out the window. To find out who is driving the train..... follow the money.

Posted by Julie Rose on Sep. 18, 2012 @ 10:07 am

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