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Mayor Lee and his new trustee say they support City College -- but they aren't helping the district raise money

City College of San Francisco has so far received only rhetorical support for its well-financed new Trustee Rodrigo Santos.

Santos didn't mention Prop. A during the press conference that followed his swearing in, instead offering vague platitudes and promises that he's willing to work hard and make tough decisions, while also making some puzzling statements about the district's current situation.

"We must support the interim chancellor, Pamila Fisher," he said. "Our primary duty is to ensure she enjoys the support and tools needed to implement difficult reforms. At the same time, we will hold her accountable, we will help her, we will challenge her."

He appeared unaware that Fisher's tenure ends in just a few weeks, well before any reforms could possibly be approved or implemented.

Some Prop. A supporters are hoping Santos will also challenge his allies in the business community to open their wallets and support both Prop. A and ongoing operations at City College.

"It would be great for the businesses to step up in a big way because they are really benefiting from our workforce training programs," Messer said. "It's clear to me the business community understands how important City College is to this city."

Now, City College's biggest supporters say it's time for the city and the business community to put their money where their mouths are.

"City College certainly gives back to the people of San Francisco," Rizzo said, "and it's time for the city to give back to City College."