Where to get laid

....and love and learn and share during Folsom Street Fair week

LUTHER will whip you into a dance frenzy on Saturday night.


SEX 2012 It's time for some real sex in the city, dear friends, and as usual San Francisco is whipping and chaining things into a frenzy. Here are some select events (including the great Folsom Street Fair itself, which has some great music this year) to get you in the sling of things.



Leatherman, come hear the true "music of your people." DJ Bus Station John has been our champion of authentic, old school bathhouse disco for many a fuzzy moon, dive through the gloryhole of his vinyl collection for the special Folsom kickoff edition of his weekly Tubesteak Connection party. He'll be playing "early 80's hi-NRG from Bobby O and Divine to Lime and Patrick Cowley!" You'll be playing, too. And dancing. 

Thu/20, 10pm, $5. Aunt Charlie's Lounge, 133 Turk, SF. 



Calling all big, burly lumberjacks! And fans of big. burly lumberjacks who, for the purposes of ribald jocularity we hereby dub "lumberjackers." Fluff out your flannels and head to — where else? — that hairy den of iniquity, the Lone Star Saloon, as this youthful monthly dance party partners with the hot-hot LA Raunch crew, with DJs Aaron Elvis and the incredible Frankie Sharp. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, etc.

Thu/20, 9pm, free. Lone Star, 1354 Harrison, SF. www.facebook.com/lonestarsf



More irresistible fuzziness at this huge bear dance party — how does the idea of 1000-plus big, sweaty, hairy men strike you? We'll be happy just to have a dozen or so strike us, thank you. But the more the bearier! With DJs Hifi Sean, P-Play. Mark Louque, and Bill Tod.

Fri/21, 9pm-3am, $15. public Works, 161 Erie, SF. www.bearacuda.com



Curator Peter Keresztury will be showcasing his oddly alluring breasted zebra women, but that's not all that will entice you to this roundup of erotic Bay visual artistry. Friday at 7:30pm, come to watch a fashion show of Blacklickorish Latex's stunningly sexy gowns. Good Vibrations will also host a toy demonstration, and there will be other fetish runway walks throughout the weekend.

Fri/21, 4-10pm; Sat/22, 1-10pm; Sun/23, noon-5pm, $5 (free on Sunday). Gallery 4N5, 863 Mission, SF. www.eroticartevents.com



2008 Britney Spears album notwithstanding, we've never found the circus to be particularly sensual. However, sex blogger Vanessa Pinto, a.k.a. Fleur de Lis (check out her recent HuffPo interview with Patient Zero of the porn industry's recent syphilis outbreak) is bringing back her seven rings of sex acts this year, so perhaps we'll be swayed to the whips and honk-nose look. A who's-who of SF sex culture including Carol Queen and Vagina Jenkins take the Supperclub stage for suspension, burlesque, BDSM, and so much more.

Fri/21, 8pm, $40-100. Supperclub, 657 Harrison, SF. sexycircus2012.wix.com/sexycircus2012



A moment of gagged silence for the departed Exotic Erotic Ball — the swinger-fetish big box fantasy event that expired last year in financial flames. Thankfully into this void stepped XO Ball and Expo, a two-day affair featuring fetish gear on sale at the expo that culminates in the Saturday night ball with wrestling women, burlesque performers, porn stars, aerialist Stoya, and a performance by Too $hort, who doubtlessly pull out his 2010 classic "Porno Bitch."

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