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....and love and learn and share during Folsom Street Fair week

LUTHER will whip you into a dance frenzy on Saturday night.

Expo: Fri/21, 5-11pm; Sat/22, 11am-6pm, $25 advance tickets. Ball: Sat/22, 8pm-1am, $65-200. Cow Palace, 2600 Geneva, SF. www.xoexpo.com



Spectacular boutique Sui Generis is the Castro's ground zero for stylish, scruffy gentlemen on the make during Folsom season — do check out the amazing horsey bondage window display, good sirs — and its Pegasus party last year was a great place to cop a good feel of the weekend's coming festivities. This year, Provincetown underground house hottie Mark Louque will DJ, and everyone will be sexy-sexy.

Fri/21, 7pm, free. Sui Generis, 2231Market, SF. www.suigenerisconsignment.com



You gotta fight for your right to cock ring. Castro nudeles unite today for their right to accessorize — cops have been chastizing the pants-free for drawing undue attention to their junk in the neighborhood lately, and the aggression will not stand. Join the disrobed and raise a ruckus, or take your spot among the throngs of gape-mouthed tourists who will surely be snapping away at the sight of so much scrotum.

Sat/22, noon, free. Castro and Market, SF. www.nude-in.blogspot.com



Having sold out its prior incarnations, SF's sex-positive, live cello-soundtracked skin show takes the stage for two Folsom Street Fair weekend editions, both hosted by sultry genderqueer twink Quinn Cassidy. Attend the matinee for mimosas and well-staged orgasms administered and accomplished by the likes of local pornographers Courtney Trouble and Maxine Holloway, then come back for Act II with Kitty Stryker, Sadie Lune, and more.

Sat/22, 2pm and 10pm, $35-70 one performance, $55-115 for two. Location disclosed upon ticket purchase. www.cumandglitter.com



The polymorphously perverse monthly disco party spanks into full effect for Folsom, with classic atomic action DJs Paul Goodyear, Allen Craig, Steve Fabus, and Sergio. If you can stop dancing long enough, feel free to ask someone if the secret makeout room is open. Coat check by Eva Androgyny!

Sat/22, 9pm-3am, $5–$7. Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin, SF. www.facebook.com/gobangSF



We are happy to report that the music at this year's International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago was incredible, thanks to this mysterious quartet of leatheristas, who tag-teamed on the tables to produce a blend of danceable tunes that didn't tip into gym queen carnival schmaltz, pop diva headache, or weepy disco sentimentality. Oil those chaps, girls, boys, and others — this dance party will be off the hook (hooks optional).

Sat/22, 9pm, $10–$15. Holy Cow, 1535 Folsom, SF. www.tinyurl.com/luthersf



Keep those buds busy until the main event tomorrow at this darling little Folsom Street glory-hole-in-the-wall. It's all in the name of nipple worship this afternoon. Well almost — the dollars you lay down for entry go to the SF GLBT Historical Society, standard practice for a bar whose parties try for more community service than just giving your Grindr app the night off.

Sat/22, 2-6pm, $5. Powerhouse, 1347 Folsom, SF. www.powerhouse-sf.com


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