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An author sticks up for his outing of a community activist as a FBI informant


Seth Rosenfeld is a San Francisco writer.



The FBI knew Geronimo was here in the bay throughout his frame-up and long imprisonment...that's more of a crime than "that the FBI and Los Angeles police failed to disclose that a key witness against him was an FBI informant." (Julius Butler I presume) ...Beyond that the theme of 'Subversives' and your comments seems to be to 'blame the victim' ...that, ludicrously, the frame-ups and murders of the Panthers wouldn't have happened if they'd been unarmed...and, in general, distracting us from the known crimes of the FBI, the organization who paid a million dollars to the man who built the WTC bomb in '93.
Why would you down play the lies that make the FBI also culpable for the 'tennis court murders'? A possible motive would be to avoid their disfavor...obviously a more potent motive than doing the job of journalist you obviously fail...or we'd have heard more of those details, or of Reagan's funding death squads with coke profits handed back in the 'Frogman Case' you covered 26 years ago, the guns for drugs contra dealing Danny Casolero was pulling the covers on w/ BCCI and that Gary Webb fleshed out...the police corruption Chauncey Bailey was set to expose when they earned the highest honor America can be murdered in cold blood in plain sight of 'The Law' with their full complicity.

Posted by gregfromtracks on Sep. 29, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

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