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Negotiating crisis and 'Turbulence' at Portland, Ore.'s TBA Festival

Keith Hennessy and Circo Zero at the 2012 Time-Based Art Festival

The Turbulence project began before Occupy, and yet it dovetails in basic ways with the impulses that last year brought people into shared, reclaimed "public" space across the country and globe, in fundamental protest against the status quo and, at the same time, in a mode of spontaneous, creative, generative desire geared to individual and collective freedom — freedom from the oppressive structures and ideas of an exploitative class system, but also freedom in the widest sense of working out the meaning and potential in the real lifetimes of real bodies in dynamic social relation to each other.

Boundaries of all kinds are made porous here — or are simply revealed as already porous, and therefore fluid, contestable, negotiable, infinitely malleable. *


Thu/27-Sat/29, 8pm, $15-$25

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

701 Mission, SF

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