Smells like team spirit - Page 2

Are hyphy progenitors Clyde Carson and the Team bigger than ever?

With "Slow Down," the Team is back on its grind.

The final ingredient was unpredictable: when "Slow Down" first dropped early this year, an SF high school student under the handle J12 posted a Youtube video of a dance he invented to the song. "The J12" has gone ghetto viral, racking up 700,000 hits, spawning numerous homage vids, and fueling demand for Team appearances in previously unheard of areas like Chicago. Inevitably J12 converged with the group, dropping the dance in the official video and becoming Carson's DJ.

"He put that shit on for real," Clyde says. "I never imagined havin' a dance to one of our songs. When I was a teen, niggas wasn't dancin'. But it lets me know the music we makin' is resonating with that generation."

"I ain't gonna start dancin'," Carson laughs, though I submit he's doing the J12 at 1:05 of the official video. "But I definitely appreciate it."


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