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From the Womens Building to a hamburger apocalypse, walls to look for 


"COPE2: The Rebirth"

Time to get back to where we started from. This famed NYC subway artist mixes lettering techniques, abstract images, and gumption into multimedia pieces in this solo gallery show at the super-shiny Project One art bar.

Oct. 3-Nov. 10. Opening reception: Oct. 3, 7pm, free. Project One, 251 Rhode Island, SF.

Apex and Mona Caron: McAllister and Market

Two masters unite for this piece on the back of the Luggage Gallery's Trailhead coffeeshop. Apex crafts 3-D versions of traditional graffiti lettering, whorled and swirled to high art proportions. Caron is peerless in the world of public art uplift – for more proof, check her nearby Tenderloin mural on Jones and Golden Gate. Their Trailhead piece portrays beauty growing amid urban grit, on a particulary gritty stretch of Mid-Market.;

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